Dead Pixels II still in development.

Thought I would post here just to say that while I don’t update the blog often, Dead Pixels II is still in development. If you want to follow development the best places are Facebook Twitter Vine Instagram   You can now also wishlist Dead Pixels II on Steam and post on it’s steam forums.   […]

My favourite horror movies.

It’s Halloween and to celebrate I wanted to list my 10 favorite horror movies.  It’s a genre that I have loved for many years and if anything Dead Pixels re kindled my love of horror. These films are my favorites in nor order. I dont consider them the best but they are the films I […]

Bi-weekly report #002:Already running late.

It’s only the 2nd one, and I’m already late…. Personal issues came up last week and I had to skip it, but rather than wait another 2 weeks I thought I would do one this week and maybe another next week if there is enough to talk about. So what Have I been up to […]

Dead Pixels: Bits & bobs

Hey everyone. I’ve been quite for a while, but I felt now was the time to post about some bits and bobs. 1) The PC version of Dead Pixels is finished and will be out very very soon. I’ll post here when it is. Big thanks to all those that helped out with the beta. […]

Weekly Report 8

It’s been a few weeks since the last weekly report so I felt I it was time to do another one. What have I been doing this week Releasing the DLC. Now things are much less stressed I can work on the PC port in peace, and maybe do the odd update to add new […]

I’ll make my own XBLIG list with hookers and blackjack!

Most people with no games on Microsoft’s best indie games of 2011 list have been disappointed in the choices. @clingermangw suggested we make our own XBLIG lists and share them, and I couldn’t help but think of Benders wise words. [youtube=]

How I add weapons to Dead Pixels.

I’ve realised that I don’t go into many details about the backend of Dead Pixels, which is a shame because I like to read about that kind of thing with other peoples games. So in this blog post I’m going to show start to finish how I add a new gun to the game.  In […]

Games Collection 2011

I decided to clean up and take some pictures of my games collection and I though I would post it here too as some people asked about my retro influences  in some of the interview I had done.

Weekly Report # 003

Yeah back to Saturday reports! What have I been working on in the few days since the last weekly report? More playtesting, bug fixing and adding polish.