When’s Dead Pixels 2 coming out? / Why are you so slow?

The passage of time.

I’ve been getting asked a lot about Dead Pixels 2’s release. So I’m making this handy blog post.

When’s Dead Pixels 2 coming out?

When it’s done.

Unfortunately thats all I have for now.   At the time of writing this, Dead Pixels 2 is a mess that no one would want to play. The game is not even very presentable with most of my time being put into core systems, and only around a week or 2 put into art.

For now I’m not willing to give a date, because I honestly don’t know.  During the course of Dead Pixels 1’s development I gave many dates, none of which I kept, and I think it’s unfair for me to give dates that I probably will break.

Why are you so slow?

From the outside games development can seem like a slow thing. Hell even I complain about the length of time some indie devs take. Rather than just saying “Games take a long time” and leaving it at that, I thought I would get into why Dead Pixels 2 is not out yet.

First of all I’m a one man team.  I do everything except music which means that if I am working on one thing, everything else grinds to a halt.  If I spend a day working on a trailer, no gameplay coding gets done that day.  If I spend an hour play testing, no artwork will get done for that hour.  And If I take a day off because I’m ill or visiting a friend nothing will get done.

Sometimes I will push myself and work to 4am, taking few breaks, to try and get things done, but I cant keep doing that longer than a few weeks without burning myself out, and causing development to grind to a halt.  For the greater good, and my own sanity, I try to take days off, and not work through the night.

Secondly a lot of people seem to think that because Dead Pixels was a 2D game that used pixel art, it meant that it was easy to make and could be done in a couple months. This isn’t quite true.

It took:

  • 7 months to make the original game
  • 4 months to make the 2 extra modes.
  • Around 2 months to make the PC version
  • Around another month to make the Steam version + reconfigure  Last Stand

So it took around 14 months total to make Dead Pixels the game it is today.  I hope Dead Pixels 2 won’t take as long, but it could, or it could take longer.

And lastly Dead Pixels 2 is a much more complex game, and is being built form the ground up.  Some people message me like all I need to do is add in online multiplayer and some new stuff to DP1, and they would buy it again.   If I could have done that, I would have added it, and released it for free. The truth of the matter is in order to add online multiplayer I have had to make a whole new game from the ground up, and if I’m doing that I’m making a new game not a remake.  As I’m going I’m learning new things and improving parts of the gameplay, that I hope people will enjoy.

In conclusion

It will be done when it’s done and I am working hard on it.

Hopefully once it’s at the point where it’s more presentable, there will be regular videos and screenshots, but until then you are just going to be patent.