Weekly Report # 005

What have I been doing this week

Everything is very playable so I’ve been doing lots of playtesting.

I’ve played through The Solution in both single player and Co-op, and while there is still tweaking to do, it is fun. (God have mercey on anyone that trys to play this on the new hardest difficulty.)

There are currently builds uploaded to the playtesting section of the app hub for anyone wanting to try it out.

What have I been playing this week?

Orcs must die: Finished! I really loved this game and I’m now oign to try some levels on the harder difficulty and try some of the DLC levels.

Halo Reach: Finished! I enjoyed it.  It’s probably the best Halo game, but I felt like it could have been more.

Fallout New Vegas: Finished! Being an evil cannibal was fun but constantly choosing the bad options meant that many quests were shorter than if I had been a goody non cannibal.

What have I been watching this week?

Mad Men: I watched through season 1 and really enjoyed it.  If ever I have an office I’m going to decorate it like a 1960’s American office, and I’ll parade around in a blue suit with horn-rimmed glasses.