Want to be in Dead Pixels? Now’s your chance.

On the 22nd of October I will be doing a 24 hours gaming marathon to raise money for The Royal Hospital for Sick Children.  During the 24 hours I will be playing games that are so bad they’re good, and hopefully it will be live streamed.
As an extra enticement to donate:

  • Anyone that donates will get added to the Dead Pixels credits.
  • For anyone who gives $15 or more, I will do my best to make an 8-bit sprite version of them, and put them in the game as a random trader.
  • Anyone who donates over $100 will get to be a playable character Sorry I could only do 2 of these.

IMPORTANT! If your donating $15 and over, don’t make your email anonymous or I wont be able to contact you when I’m doing the sprites.

So please donate what you can.