Dead Pixels 1.3.9

Super quick update. Dead Pixels 1.3.9 is now on steam, and should be coming to other places soon. Changes include fixing: Keyboard only controls not working the the solution ordering system. 2 players on the one keyboard not working. That is all.  

Dead Pixels 1.3.6

A couple of weeks later than I wanted but Dead Pixels 1.3.6 is now working it’s way onto each platform. Changes: Off-line achievements for DRM free version PS3 pad profile and button layout added Support for keyboard only control schemes. Locked/unlocked achievements are now listed in-game and include a percentage bar for target based achievements. […]

Weekly Report # 004

Never again will I be worried that an upside down woman is goign to stick her hand down my thought. What have I been doing this week? Looking back it feels like not too much was done this week,  but I have done a lot to the back end of dead pixels to hopefully make […]