Stuff being worked on for the next Dead Pixels update.

Progress on the DLC is going slow, so I thought I would post an update so you guys know I am doing stuff.

New stuff included in the next update:

  • A new harder difficulty with no autosaves and fewer traders.
  • An achievable awardment highscore-ish system.
  • The ability to move the HUD to suit your TV.
  • Some tweaks to the zombie’s AI.
  • The Solution: A new game mode set weeks after the main game. Play as one of 6 convicts on a mission to blow New Hexington off the face of the planet. You are the only human in the city so don’t expect traders to help out.
  • Last Stand: A new game mode where your trapped in a mall with a never ending swarm of zombies, and limited resources. You will need to make every penny count in order to last as long as possible.