Quick update

I raised $537 for charity by doing my 24 hour gaming marathon for charity. A big thank you to every one that donated!

I’ll be sending emails out to everyone that donated $15 or more tonight, and I’ll get the sprites done ASAP.

Big thanks to everyone that suggested weapons. Some are probably too complicated to add without me spending days working on just them, but I’ll try to add the ones I can.

DLC-Wise I’m still working on it. Tomorrow will probably be spent doing play testing, and making sure nothing has been broken when I’ve been making changes. There is still no ETA, just understand I’m spending as much of my time as I can on it to make fun and as polished as possible.

And lastly I’ve set up a proper domain name for my site, CSR-Studios.com, and a proper email address J.Common (at) CSR_Studios (dot) com.