Make your own Dead Pixels II VHS case.

Dead Pixels II VHS box at RezzedAfter making the VHS box last year as a promotional item, I knew I would have to make more for EGX Rezzed.   These ones would differ a little from the original one as it didn’t have a back and the logo has changed since it was done. I also used clear cases and put lights inside to get peoples attention.  In the end I made three.  Unfortunately because I didn’t want to have much to carry on the way back, I gave them all away.  This meant I didn’t have one for myself.

So I decided to put together a 4th one for myself and make a guide on it for those that have pre-ordered and have access to the boxart used at EGX Rezzed 2014.

1. What you need.

  • A sheet of A4 photopaper.
  • A VHS case (clear if you want to put lights in)
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • LED lights. (optional)
  • Blutack or something to stick the lights in place. (optional)

Couple notes on the VHS case.  I found it was best to use EX-Rental big box cases.  The reason for this is they can use A4 paper in them without cutting it.  These cases were mostly used by rental stores but some horror films also used them.  They are not easy to identify on their own but if you see them with another VHS case they stand out.

A very strange double bill.
A very strange double bill.

I’m using an Ex-rental copy of Charlies Angels (2000) which I found in a charity shop for 10p.  I have to say I was a little embarrassed buying it, and waited until the shop was fairly empty before picking it up.

2. Print out the boxart.

When you preorder Dead Pixels 2 you get a bonus content zip.  Currently it only contains the VHS box art but soon more will be added.

If you are using an ex rental big box VHS case all you have to do is print the art to fit a sheet of A4.  If you are using another kind of box you will have to measure the old art to see what size it is.

2014-04-17 15.46.48Something was stuck to my sheet when it came out so the ink didn’t stick to a patch.  I decided to keep it as I wanted it worn anyway.

The VHS case will blur things a tiny bit so dont worry if you can see print lines.  I recommend photo paper, but you could try just normal paper if you have none.

3. Put the cover in the case.

Before you take the old art out, have a look at it and see where it is worn.  It can give you some inspiration on how make the new one look old.

For me it was mostly the top of the cover.

2014-04-17 15.47.432014-04-17 15.47.31Take the cover out and the tape out and do what you want with them.  (if the film looks good give it a watch), put the new art in and close the case.

Then take it out.

2014-04-17 15.49.34You should now be able to see where it folds.

4.Wear it down.

Using your sandpaper, sand the edges of the sheet to soften them.  How much you sand it up to you.

2014-04-17 15.56.30Now you want to sand a little along the folds.  This is one of the places where the cover would get the most worn if it was 20+ years old.  You can also add your own little folds here and there and sand them too.  Also maybe add a tear here and there.  It’s up to you.

2014-04-17 16.02.17It’s worth experimenting.  When making the very first one I tried everything from water to fire to give it an old look.  Remember to look at the cases original art to see how it was affected by age.

I decided with this one to make it look like it had been too high in the case at one point and the top edge had got damaged because of it.

2014-04-17 16.04.35Once you are done you can put it back in the case

2014-04-17 16.06.03

5. Adding lights.

For lighting I used LED lights powered by 2 AA batteries.  These seemed to light up the cases fairly well, and the batteries lasted the whole of of EGX Rezzed without being changed. (24 hours in total).  I used Blu-tack to stick the lights in place, but you could use a thick glue or all kinds of other things to hold them in place.  Try to point them facing the edge as that is where you want the light to go.

2014-04-17 16.08.29

And finally the finished product.

So hopefully that has inspired you to make your own. (it will make your friends jealous.)

If you have not already you can Pre-order Dead Pixels II at for $9.99.