I’ll make my own XBLIG list with hookers and blackjack!

Most people with no games on Microsoft’s best indie games of 2011 list have been disappointed in the choices.

@clingermangw suggested we make our own XBLIG lists and share them, and I couldn’t help but think of Benders wise words.


So I present

The 10 best xblig games of 2011 that contain hookers and/or blackjack.

Turtle Casino

Game Frenzy

A Pimp RPG

At this point I ran out of games that I knew had hookers or blackjack in them so I started choosing games the most probably had hookers .

How To Get Girls


Let’s Get Fiscal

Virtual Attraction – Part 1

Virtual Attraction – Part 2

Who’s the Daddy

Avalis Dungeon

And lastly

Dead Pixels

Because my nickname for one of the female zombies was streetwalker, and she is called that in the code.