I probably shouldn’t be recommending other zombie games, but….


I probably shouldn’t be recommending other zombie games, but I feel I should in this case.

When I first started working on Dead Pixels my plan was for a much more realistic game, but then an indie developer I had been following announced their own zombie game. That game was called Project Zomboid, and was much more detailed, and realistic than my game could ever be. This made me re-think things and, I decided to make my game more over the top like films were rather than realistic.

Unfortunately today they have had someone break in and steal a couple of laptops. This is a big setback for them as they have lost all the work on the laptops that was not backed up.

While their game isn’t finished, £5 (about $8?) will get you access to the beta version, and free updates.

You can check their game out here:

If the game is something you might like I suggest supporting them to help them through this hard time.