Mystery Game X

Mystery Game X


Q)  Is Mystery Game X it’s real name?

A)No. It’s just a temporary name until there is more to show.

Q)  Is it a mystery game?

A)Its not a mystery game but it is a mystery game.

Q)  What does that even mean?

A)It’s a mystery game as in it’s mysterious but it does not fall into the mystery game genre.  Also there may be mysteries in the plot of the game, but there may not be.   Understand?

Not in the slightest.

Q)  What platforms will it appear on?

A)The current plan is PC with Xbox, Android, PS Suite and iOS being a strong possibility.

Is this the game you gave hints about in interviews?

A)Yes, this is that game.   In fact It’s been in the works on and off since before Super Tank Ran came out.

Q)  When do you expect it to come out?

A)I started work on it in November of 2010, and so far I have nothing of use, so it could take a while.