Games Collection 2011

I decided to clean up and take some pictures of my games collection and I though I would post it here too as some people asked about my retro influences  in some of the interview I had done.

TV and all the consoles I leave hooked up all the time. I keep pads/cables/unboxed games in in red and black boxes.

Model 1 Sega Saturn, N64, Xbox 360, HD-DVD drive(oh yeah!), PS2, Orginal Xbox, Dreamcast and Gamecube with the gba player.

First shelf and a half is 360 games and the rest is original Xbox games.

Gamecube games in the center and 2 Playstation pads, 2 Gamecube pads, 2 dreamcast pads, and 2 original Xbox pads on the outside.

DVD’s and games. Master System 2, Game Gear, Model 1 Megadrive, 32x, model 2 megadrive, model 2 Mega CD, model 2 Sega Saturn and Dreamcast are on the top of the shelves.

Sega Saturn games on the middle shelve (Japanese on the left and European on the right) Boxed Master System games on the bottom shelf with boxed GBA and DS games.

Top shelf: 32X games, Mega CD games and boxed game gear.

Bottom two shelves: Boxed mega drive games.

Top shelf: Dreamcast games. (European on the left, Japanese in the center and US on the right.)
Center shelf: PS1 games.
Bottom shelf: PS2 games.

Lastly Wonderswan Color with 1 game inside and 2 boxed games.