Dead Pixesl II 0.1.1

Quick post just to say that those with access to the Dead Pixels II testing version on Steam should now have an update.  Some features I wanted in this version had to be cut for time (online) but hopefully they will make it into the next version.

An updated demo as well as OSX and Linux versions should also be made available soon.

0.1.1 Changelog
Fixed- Missing textures due to name not being updated.
Fixed- Throwable weapons being equiped as healing items.
Changed- Store Speach bubbles lowered.
Added- More items to sewers
Added- New enemy to sewers
changed- Character creator tidyed up
Changed- Game pauses if the window loses focus.
Changed- You can no longer shoot when throwing a grenade or meleeing.
Fixed- You no longer can face the other way while in the middle of an action.
Added- CSR Error message catacher added.
Added- Options to skip tutorial and intro added to non demo version.
Added- Pathfinding for some enemies.
Added- Bar furnature.
Changed- data files restructured.
Added- office Furnature.
Added- car alarm sound waves.
Changed- Buildings now lead to different kinds of interiors.
changed- Main menu now has mouse support, social media buttons and extra options.
Fixed- Some skill images that did not display.
Changed- Status screen in single play inventory updated.
Changed- Player head bob added.
Fixed- Small mistakes in door placement.
Changed- More types of doors added.
Changed- Made random characters less random.
Changed- Opening can now be skiped.
Changed- TV’s added to opening.