Dead Pixels II EGX Rezzed 2014, betamax program and pre-orders.

FrontEGX Rezzed 2014

Dead Pixels II will be playable at the EGX Rezzed Expo in Birmingham at the end of March.  There will be two PC’s setup with a demo build of the game, one with 2 controllers and one with keyboard and mouse.  After the expo is over, everyone at home will be able to download the demo to try it out.

I’ll also be wandering round Rezzed looking like a zombie (Don’t worry I’m probably just hungover from the night before.)   I’m probably the one wearing the jacket that says Dead Pixels II on the back.  Hopefully no one else wears one because it will be really embarrassing.

There will be badges and flyers to give away, and if you bother me enough on the Sunday I may give away the VHS boxes I have made for Rezzed.


To get tickets to Rezzed and to find out more about it visit.

Beta Testing

betamaxA big part of Dead Pixels success I have always put down to the testing.  Three months into Dead Pixels development I was putting out new builds for people to test.   I would get feedback make little changes, add more stuff then repeat.  This really helped as I am a one man team and it can be hard for me to know if something is a good idea.

So I think it’s time to start testing stuff.

There will be two betas:

The Demo Beta

The first will be over the next few weeks, and will be testing the Rezzed Demo. (Windows only)  To apply for this email with your computer specs.  Also say if you would be able to test local coop (Currently requires at least 1 xbox 360 pad.)

I have to make it clear that this version will be for a demo at an expo.  So dont expect a lot from it.   It will be short and there will be missing features.  Also bugs which effect the expo will take priority over those that wont.

The Pre-order Betamax program

At the end of the month I will allow anyone to download the demo and, I will open pre-orders for the game ($10).  Those that pre-order the game will get testing builds every few weeks which I’m calling the Betamax program, this gives you a chance to give feedback all through development of the game, and stops me making stupid mistakes early on that everyone will hate.

While the testing build may start off small, I’m committed to adding new things when I can, and when they need testing.  It will start off as Windows only, but will expand to Mac and Linux within the first few weeks as I get working demos for them online.

It will also start with local co-op only, but I hope to get online in there early so we can get that working well before the game grows too big.

I dont want people to think of this as an open alpha.  I will hold things back from the testing build until they are ready to be tested.  The story mode being a prime example of something I dont think anyone would want until it is near complete.


So yes per-orders will open up at the end of march. It will be $10 and be handled by the Humble store.

Those that pre-order will get a Steam Key to the test builds, a steam key to Dead Pixels 1, a DRM free copy of Dead Pixels 1 and the printout-able VHS cover that will be at Rezzed.  As time goes on more cool stuff will be added including music and art.

There will also be some opportunities for those that pre-order to have an impact on the game in interesting ways.  Some may know that I putt some fans in Dead Pixels 1 if they donated to charity, and there may be similar opportunities in Dead Pixels 2.

Once the game is out, a DRM free version of Dead Pixels II will be added as well as a Steam key for the final game.