Dead Pixels II 0.1.4 –


Forgot to put up a few posts up on updates.  Better late than never. 🙂 – 13th september 2014 (OSX & Linux only)
First LINUX Build! (Only 64 bit 32 bit crashes.)
Changed – Improvments to graphics code to boost Linux and OSX proformance. – 13th september 2014 (OSX only)
First Mac Build!
Music diabled due to bug
0.1.4 – 11th september 2014
Changed – Weapon and damage systems recoded for online
Changed- Level-up animation
Changed – Tweaks to random system to help with online
Added – Lots of online test stuff (Disabled in public build)
Changed – Blood drops recoded (Disabled in public build)
Added – Boss healthbar
Changed – Zombie sprite system recoded. Larger enemies and different fps animations now possible.
Changed – Loading screen tape now rewinds.
Changed – Enemies and objects flash red when damaged.
Changed – Recoded sprite recoloring code. Multiple bugs fixed with this.
changed – Kickback improved.
changed – Road markings now randomized.
Added – Exploding barrels now added.
Changed – Car numbers changed
Added – Parking meters.
Added – Butcher Boss.