Dead Pixels: Bits & bobs

Hey everyone.

I’ve been quite for a while, but I felt now was the time to post about some bits and bobs.

1) The PC version of Dead Pixels is finished and will be out very very soon. I’ll post here when it is. Big thanks to all those that helped out with the beta. I will try to get download keys to all of you once the game is out as a thank you.

2) Dead pixels reached 40,000 sales (I think it could be around 41,000 now). Big thanks to all those that has bought the game and told friends about it.

3) I have recently re-arranged my sites. This means that those of you that followed the blog may have to do so again. The new blog is at

4) while I am not yet working on Dead Pixels I have been playing around with prototypes to test new features. I normally just post pic of them on twitter, but here’s a couple:
Lighting test
Color changer test: