Chrismas report #007

Dun dedun dun dun dun Dun dedun dun dun dun dun Den-nyeeeeh nyeh nyeh nyeh (You know, because I have 007 in the title. oh, forget it)

What have I been doing this Christmas?

Who cares!? Until I wake up tomorrow I’m on holiday from game dev stuff!

What have I been playing this Christmas?

Red Dead Redemption: It’s not what I expected but I’m enjoying it.  I seem to be going through it quickly but I still have the Undead Nightmare to play through.

Portal 2: I loved it! it was way too short and I played through it in about 3 sittings on Christmas day but I loved every second.  There is something about portal 2 that reminded me of the first time I played half life and I loved it.

Half Minute Hero: I had an extra 800 Microsoft space bucks in my account, and after looking around XBLA, I decided to give this a go.  I didn’t really like the graphics at first, but once I found I could switch to the pixel art from the PSP version I feel in love with this game and bought it.

What have I been watching this Chrismas?

The usual TV shows: Mad Men & Six Feet Under

Home Alone 2 with the Comedy Button commentary: Hilarius. Download and watch it.

Dragonball Z Abridged: I’d never watched this until today. Very funny even if you have never watched Dragonball Z (Like me)