Dead Pixels II 0.1.4 –

Forgot to put up a few posts up on updates.  Better late than never. 🙂 – 13th september 2014 (OSX & Linux only) ========================= First LINUX Build! (Only 64 bit 32 bit crashes.) Changed – Improvments to graphics code to boost Linux and OSX proformance. – 13th september 2014 (OSX only) ========================= […]

Dead Pixels II 0.1.3

Another weekly update. Added- Debug option to disable VHS and CRT effects. Added- Debug option to set start seed. fixed- Graphical bug when entering buildings with doors on the right side. fixed- Characters sprite is dark when about to change area. fixed- Players weaposn sticking through walls when entering buildings. Changed- Glass bottles now spray […]

Dead Pixels II 0.1.2

I’ve taken a week off, and I’m back now.  It feels like now is a good time to get a quick update out.   There’s a few bug fixes, and a few more buildings are in the pool of buildings used in streets.  The OSX version is on the way, currently there is a sound issue […]

Dead Pixesl II 0.1.1

Quick post just to say that those with access to the Dead Pixels II testing version on Steam should now have an update.  Some features I wanted in this version had to be cut for time (online) but hopefully they will make it into the next version. An updated demo as well as OSX and […]

Dead Pixels 1.3.6

A couple of weeks later than I wanted but Dead Pixels 1.3.6 is now working it’s way onto each platform. Changes: Off-line achievements for DRM free version PS3 pad profile and button layout added Support for keyboard only control schemes. Locked/unlocked achievements are now listed in-game and include a percentage bar for target based achievements. […]

Weekly Report # 001

I’ve been wanting to do a weekly blogpost for a while, but I’m not particularly good to writing, so I have been putting this off as much as possible. I feel doing something like this is important to those waiting for DLC because it lets you see that I am still working, and it’s also […]