Dead Pixels II 0.1.4 –

Forgot to put up a few posts up on updates.  Better late than never. 🙂 – 13th september 2014 (OSX & Linux only) ========================= First LINUX Build! (Only 64 bit 32 bit crashes.) Changed – Improvments to graphics code to boost Linux and OSX proformance. – 13th september 2014 (OSX only) ========================= […]

Dead Pixels 1.3.9

Super quick update. Dead Pixels 1.3.9 is now on steam, and should be coming to other places soon. Changes include fixing: Keyboard only controls not working the the solution ordering system. 2 players on the one keyboard not working. That is all.  

Dead Pixels 1.3.5

With Steam I’ve been putting up updates a little more regularly, and I felt it would be good to have a log on the blog of whats in each update and future updates that are planned. Dead Pixels 1.3.5 hit steam a few days ago and included the following bug fixes/changes. Fixed: All bosses now […]