When’s Dead Pixels 2 coming out? / Why are you so slow?

I’ve been getting asked a lot about Dead Pixels 2’s release. So I’m making this handy blog post. When’s Dead Pixels 2 coming out? When it’s done. Unfortunately thats all I have for now.   At the time of writing this, Dead Pixels 2 is a mess that no one would want to play. The game […]

How I add weapons to Dead Pixels.

I’ve realised that I don’t go into many details about the backend of Dead Pixels, which is a shame because I like to read about that kind of thing with other peoples games. So in this blog post I’m going to show start to finish how I add a new gun to the game.  In […]

Weekly Report # 004

Never again will I be worried that an upside down woman is goign to stick her hand down my thought. What have I been doing this week? Looking back it feels like not too much was done this week,  but I have done a lot to the back end of dead pixels to hopefully make […]

Weekly Report # 001

I’ve been wanting to do a weekly blogpost for a while, but I’m not particularly good to writing, so I have been putting this off as much as possible. I feel doing something like this is important to those waiting for DLC because it lets you see that I am still working, and it’s also […]