Weekly Report # 004

Never again will I be worried that an upside down woman is goign to stick her hand down my thought. What have I been doing this week? Looking back it feels like not too much was done this week,  but I have done a lot to the back end of dead pixels to hopefully make […]

Dead Pixels: XBLIG Post Mortem

It’s been 2 months now since Dead Pixels came out and all through it I’ve been wondering when the best time to do a post-mortem.  While the game is not dead yet, every week it gets less sales, and cant help but feel its’ better to do this while everyone still remembers the game rather […]

Weekly Report # 002

I’m running a little late, but I’m not goign to give up doing these weekly reports! What have I been doing this week? Mostly playtesting and bug fixing.  Things are moving along much faster now and I don’t think it will be long until I get Dead Pixel’s update out.

Weekly Report # 001

I’ve been wanting to do a weekly blogpost for a while, but I’m not particularly good to writing, so I have been putting this off as much as possible. I feel doing something like this is important to those waiting for DLC because it lets you see that I am still working, and it’s also […]

Want to be in Dead Pixels? Now’s your chance.

On the 22nd of October I will be doing a 24 hours gaming marathon to raise money for The Royal Hospital for Sick Children.  During the 24 hours I will be playing games that are so bad they’re good, and hopefully it will be live streamed. As an extra enticement to donate: