10 things you may not know about Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels was first released 2 years ago today on Xbox Live arcade and to celebrate I’m doing a series of blog posts and lowering the price of Dead Pixels on Steam by 66%. I also felt like now would be a good time to do one or two blog posts. So this is the […]

Dead Pixels 1.3.9

Super quick update. Dead Pixels 1.3.9 is now on steam, and should be coming to other places soon. Changes include fixing: Keyboard only controls not working the the solution ordering system. 2 players on the one keyboard not working. That is all.  

Dead Pixels: Sales, zombies killed and other fun numbers.

I’ve been putting off writing this post for a few weeks.  Not because I don’t want to reveal numbers, but because I hate writing.  I’m dyslexic and it means it often takes me a very long time to write something that others will put together in a couple hours.  The reason I’m making this post […]

Dead Pixels now available in more places.

I thought it was about time I posted an update on the blog of all the places you can now buy Dead Pixels. I’ve been working with multiple on-line stores since the end of last year, and I’m happy to say you can now buy Dead Pixels in six different places. If there are any […]

Dead Pixels 1.3.6

A couple of weeks later than I wanted but Dead Pixels 1.3.6 is now working it’s way onto each platform. Changes: Off-line achievements for DRM free version PS3 pad profile and button layout added Support for keyboard only control schemes. Locked/unlocked achievements are now listed in-game and include a percentage bar for target based achievements. […]

Dead Pixels 1.3.5

With Steam I’ve been putting up updates a little more regularly, and I felt it would be good to have a log on the blog of whats in each update and future updates that are planned. Dead Pixels 1.3.5 hit steam a few days ago and included the following bug fixes/changes. Fixed: All bosses now […]

When’s Dead Pixels 2 coming out? / Why are you so slow?

I’ve been getting asked a lot about Dead Pixels 2’s release. So I’m making this handy blog post. When’s Dead Pixels 2 coming out? When it’s done. Unfortunately thats all I have for now.   At the time of writing this, Dead Pixels 2 is a mess that no one would want to play. The game […]

Indie Royale with fries and graduation.

If you’ve not already heard the PC version of Dead Pixels is now available, and is included in the Indie Royale Graduation Bundle. Included in the bundle you get 7 great PC games. The Void Dead Pixels The Ship 1000 Amps LaserCat AirMech beta Ichi You can find the bundle here: For those want to […]

Dead Pixels update is out now.

I hope you enjoy the new modes. I tried to mix things up with them. If you don’t like them, they were free and the original game is still there for you to play, so don’t get too angry. –How to get it– Go into the game and it should ask you to update.

How I add weapons to Dead Pixels.

I’ve realised that I don’t go into many details about the backend of Dead Pixels, which is a shame because I like to read about that kind of thing with other peoples games. So in this blog post I’m going to show start to finish how I add a new gun to the game.  In […]