2014 and Dead Pixels II

We’re here.  It’s 2014, we’re one year away from the future we saw in Back To The Future 2 and this is the year Dead Pixels II come’s out*. *If all goes to plan that is. The 2014 plan This isn’t 100% set in stone, but this is how I hope 2014 will unfold. February Begin […]

Dead Pixels II: The juicy bits.

It’s about time I made a blog post detailing Dead Pixels II.  I’ve been saying stuff over the past year, but up to now there is no complete source of information.  This post will change that. Everything in this is how I currently see the game.  Things may change between now and release.  Sometimes features […]

Dead Pixels II VHS box

Because I know some people subscribe to the blog, but don’t watch the facebook page or twitter account,  I thought I’d share the VHS box that was put together for Dead Pixels II.   The artwork was done by the very talented Grimbro and has a hidden movie reference that so far atleast one person […]