Bi-weekly report #002:Already running late.

It’s only the 2nd one, and I’m already late….

Personal issues came up last week and I had to skip it, but rather than wait another 2 weeks I thought I would do one this week and maybe another next week if there is enough to talk about.

So what Have I been up to for the past two weeks?

Dead Pixels II now uses FNA instead of XNA on windows.

So for those that didn’t know Dead Pixels II and Dead Pixels was written in XNA. XNA supports Windows, Xbox 360 and Windows phone 7.  When it came to doing the Linux and OSX versions things got messy as they used FNA (An open source recreation of XNA).  This made me worry about keeping both versions up to date. After talking to a few people, and the guy that made FNA, I decided to switch to FNA on all 3 platforms.

What does this mean for you?

Well most people wont notice anything.  For me it means that all 3 versions are almost identical at all times, and some of the odd XNA bugs will no longer effect Dead Pixels II.

Music system has been gutted and improved.

Screenshot 2014-10-22 04.48.04

I’ve gutted out the old simple music system, and replaced it with a more more advanced one that allows for each area to have it’s own playlist.  This also fixed the music issues in OSX and Linux so they will now have working music.

Another thing this allows is that the game now lists the current track and artist when paused.

Changes to the VHS effect and an options menu.

Screenshot 2014-10-06 20.04.59

I’ve been doing a few tweaks to the VHS effect, this made me realise that some people dont want have it no matter how much I like it, so I have now added an options menu where you can turn of VHS and CRT effects, as well as fullscreen and volume options.  This all saves so you dont need to tell it everytime you start the game.

If there is anything you would really like in the options menu that you think I may miss, please say.

In talks with a new artist about redoing existing art.

Screenshot 2014-10-06 20.04.59

I recently found an artist that I feel can offer a lot for Dead Pixels II.  We are currently talking about redoing all the current zombies, players and shop keepers to bring up the standard of art.  You can see some of his early work on this above.  What do you guys think?

The Dead Pixels Bible


In order to get the new artist caught up on the Dead Pixels world so they know how things should look and feel I’ve been working on a big document called the Dead Pixels Bible.  It details everything from areas in the game to the types of zombies and answers important questions like “Do zombie breath?”.

I’ve decided that once the game is finished this document will be added into the pre-order extras/collectors edition, so you guys will get to see how I view the Dead Pixels world.


That’s all this time, if there is enough to talk about next week I’ll post another update then.