Bi-weekly report #001: In search of a better name.

So hopefully this will be a new feature here. I’m aiming to do a new post every 2 weeks just showing off what I’m working on.  most of this will be a summary of things posted on twitter.

(If you have a better name than bi-weekly report share in the comments.)

Mac and Linux

Dead Pixels II on Linux

First up I’ve been working on getting the Mac and Linux versions playable.  There are still a few issues with sound but after a few days work I’ve managed to improve the performance of the Mac and Linux builds.  These are now available to those that have preordered Dead Pixels II.  At some point I’ll do an updated demo with mac and linux versions.

The Graveyard

Graveyard gates

After a few hints on twitter I revealed that a new area I’m working on is graveyards.  Graveyards were something I wanted to do in Dead Pixels but never did.  Now I get the chance to do them.

They are a little different than your average street, not as long, but a lot higher.  You can get through them quick, but if you want to find anything good you will have to look around them.   There will be a few crypts dotted around to explore, the odd maintenance shed and if your luck maybe something else.

Grave yard
Temp artwork of what the graveyards will look like

A new editor

One of the big things I wanted to do with Dead Pixels II was have editors for things rather than hard coding them.  This also means that once everything is done I can put the editors out there (open source) and see people make their own content.

Last night I started work on a new one for making groups of objects.  This will be used first on the graveyard, then expand into building interiors and set groups of objects in streets (for example maybe a traffic jam or a abandoned military check point.)

Looks fun doesn’t it?

On the hunt for an artist.

In order to free up some time I’m on the hunt for someone to do pixel art and animation.  This will allow me to finish some of the remaining things that need coded while also adding more content.

Details can be found here



When I done the EGX Rezzed expo earlier this year I noticed people took off their headphones when playing co-op so they could talk to each other.  This meant they missed things like car alarms and the awesome music.  I decided to get some speakers for future expos, but then had a better idea. Get a 80s boom box with a line in.

After checking out ebay I got this beauty from 1981.

Boom Box

Expect to see it at any future expos I attend.


That’s everything for this report.  There will hopefully be another one two weeks form now.