2014 and Dead Pixels II

We’re here.  It’s 2014, we’re one year away from the future we saw in Back To The Future 2 and this is the year Dead Pixels II come’s out*.

*If all goes to plan that is.

The 2014 plan

This isn’t 100% set in stone, but this is how I hope 2014 will unfold.

  • February Begin forcing friends to play Dead Pixels II  internal playtesting  Dead Pixels II
  • End of February Force strangers to play Dead Pixels II. Open up Dead Pixels II playtesting to more people.
  • March Launch new dedicated Dead Pixels website.
  • March Start taking preorders. (comes with beta access and other goodies)
  • March 27th-29th Dead Pixels playable at Rezzed in Birmingham.
  • April-May Start play testing Online coop
  • May-September Keep testing and adding new stuff to the beta version for testing.
  • September Dead Pixels II playable at Eurogamer Expo in London
  • October Dead Pixels II launches on Steam** for Windows + Mac + Linux
  • November I load all the money into a big sack with a dollar sign on it and run for the hills.  I answer support email, and fix all the bugs I can.

**And other game download sites that will have it.

As I said, none of this is set in stone.   Something could come up that throws everything off by a month, but if everything goes my way, 2014 should follow the plan will be close to this.

There are no consoles mentioned here, this is because estimates for them are a little harder, and PC is the priority for now.  Console platforms should be announced around the end of March, and I would hope console versions come out end of 2014/very early 2015.

There’s going to be a BETA!?

Yes! In march I’m going to start testing a cut down version of the game that will appear at Rezzed.  It will contain a fraction of the finished game’s content, and will be single-player and local co-op only.  It will basically be the equivalent of a 5-10 street game of Dead Pixels 1 with some of the plot/character elements for Dead Pixels 2 and a quick tutorial at the beginning.

Everyone that pre-orders the game will receive access to beta builds.  Every few weeks I’ll upload a new build when I needs testing, gather feedback, rework things, add things and repeat until done.

Dead Pixels 1 was tested in a similar way with other developers, and I’ve always felt the game gained so much from the constant feedback.  It’s my hope that by opening things up with DP2 in 2014 that it will become the best game it can be.

Pre-orders. How much?Where?


Pre-orders will be $10 and will be done on the new Dead Pixels site when it launches.  Once online is in the beta version a four pack will be added for around $30.

This will NOT be on steam early access.  I dont want to sell the game early.  I want playtesting and feedback. By selling through my site I hope to get people that understand that.


So there you have it.  October. I hope those that have been waiting since 2011 can hold on a little longer, because the wait will be worth it.